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IPrathiba Murthy, a BPO employee in Bangalore was raped and murdered by a taxi driver.

The principal of a government school in north Delhi raped a Class 10 student of the school. The principal, who was also the girl's private tutor, took the girl to three cronies of his. The four eminently respectable men - a school principal, a vice-principal and two businessmen - gang raped the 16-year old girl during the night. The next morning they sent her back to her parents.

Banwari Devi, a dalit and working as saathin in government programme of Rajasthan was gang raped by a dominant caste in front of her husband. She was preventing child marriages amongst Gujjars. The perpetrators thought she must be "taught a lesson..."

For every twenty six minutes a rape is committed in India and out of which 30% are against minors.

Some precautions for the single women

Psycho-social trauma of a rape victim:

How to report rape to Police

Do not shower, wash, or change clothes

Some precautions for the single women

Description of the attacker

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