Cyber Police Station

As the technology is advancing, Man is becoming dependant on Internet because it provides easy access to do online shopping, online studying, Social Networking and many more but similarly the rate of Cyber Crime is increasing day by day.

Cyber Crime Cell of the Nagpur City Police was established in the year 2005. Due to fast growth in cyber crime, the Police commissioner decided to set up separate centralized cell for the Citizens to lodge their complaints of defamation on Social media, Phishing, Mobile Missing, Debit/Credit card frauds etc.

The Cyber Crime Complaint Cell of Nagpur City Police was inaugurated on 19th March 2017 at the hands of Police Commissioner Dr. K. Venkatesham.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, EOW, Nagpur city is the head of this cell. 02 Police Inspectors, 09 Assistant Police Inspectors, 0 Police Sub Inspectors and 25 Police Personnels are currently working in Cyber complaint Cell who are well trained to handle Cyber related complaints and empowering this unit to investigate cases from different police stations.

Types Of Cyber Crime :

Email Frauds
Social Media Crimes
Mobile App related crimes
Business Email Compromise
Data Theft
Net Banking/ATM Frauds
Fake Calls Frauds
Insurance Frauds
Lottery Scam
Cheating Scams
Online Transactions Frauds

Office Address:

Cyber Police Station,
Administrative Building No. 1, 4th Floor,
Civil Lines, Nagpur
Phone Number : 0712 -2566766
Email : cybercrimecell[dot]ngp[at]gmail[dot]com
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