Nagpur City Police Commissioners

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From Date: JULY 2018
To Date: SEPTEMBER 2020


Dr. K Venkatesham
From Date: August 2016
To Date: July 2018


Shri K.K. Pathak
From Date: November 2012
To Date: April 2015

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Shri S. P. Yadav
From Date: April 2015
To Date: August 2016


Dr. Ankush Dhanvijay
From Date: August 2010
To Date: November 2012


Shri. Praveen Dixit
From Date: July, 2008
To Date: August, 2010


Dr. Satyapal Singh
From Date: June 2007
To Date: July 2008


Shri S.P.S. Yadav
From Date: Feb 2005
To Date: June 2007


Shri D. Sivanandan
From Date: May 2004
To Date: Feb 2005


Shri Jayant Umranikar
From Date: October 2002
To Date: May 2004


Shri K.K. Kashyap
From Date: November 2001
To Date: August 2002


Shri P.K. B. Chakravarthy
From Date: April 2001
To Date: November 2001


Shri R.S. Sharma
From Date: November 2001
To Date: April 2001

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Shir B.N. Mishra
From Date: May 2000
To Date: November 2000


Shri O.P. Bali
From Date: July 1999
To Date: May 2000


Shri U.D. Joshi
From Date: June 1998
To Date: June 1999


Shri P.K.B. Chakravarthy
From Date: August 1997
To Date: June 1998


Shri T. Singarvel
From Date: January 1995
To Date: August 1997

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Shri H.N. Sambhariya
From Date: November 1993
To Date: January 1995


Shri A.S. Inamdar
From Date: October 1991
To Date: November 1993


Shri S.S. Pathania
From Date: May 1989
To Date: October 1991

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Shri N.C. Venkatachalam
From Date: July 1988
To Date: May 1989


Shri S.K. Seth
From Date: November 1985
To Date: July 1988


Shri R.H. Mendosa
From Date: June 1983
To Date: November 1985


Shri H.C. Almeda
From Date: April 1978
To Date: February 1981


Shri R.L. Bhinge
From Date: September 1977
To Date: APril 1978


Shti M.G. Gavai
From Date: March 1975
To Date: August 1977

Photo not available

Shri Y.Y. Naik
From Date: May 1972
To Date: March 1975

Photo not available

Shri N.S. Burkare
From Date: Januray 1972
To Date: May 1972


Shri B.K. Lokhande
From Date: April 1969
To Date: December 1971


Shri B.K. Govardhan
From Date: October 1967
To Date: April 1969

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Shri T.M. Kadambande
From Date: May 1966
To Date: October 1967


Shri M.G. Mugve
From Date: July 1965
To Date: May 1966


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